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My Personal Past Experience

What I Now Know

How I Can Help You


We all feel so much better when we are confident with positive self-esteem. Life seems to be so much easier and more enjoyable. Everything seems to flow more naturally; we have fewer problems and new challenges or positive changes seem exciting rather than overwhelming. However the most confident of us can and do experience setbacks from time to time, usually when a new challenge or change overwhelms us. I use hypnotherapy for anyone experiencing a lack of confidence. Depending on how many areas of your life are affected and whether or not you are also experiencing low self-esteem, both EFT and a course of NLP coaching sessions can help you to make positive changes and increase both your confidence and self-esteem.

My Personal Past Experience

I have always given my friends and colleagues the impression that I am a very confident person. Although I can be, I am also good at appearing to be more confident than I often feel! I think this applies to many of us. Some of us think that the older we become the more we grow in confidence; however this is often not the case. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem really does affect the majority of us at some time or other.

What I now know!

I have now learnt that it is only when I take on too much that my confidence and self-esteem can take a battering, and at times when I have experienced illness. I also now recognise that growing in confidence and self-esteem is a continuous journey, which is why I love NLP coaching. The more self-development work we do the more we raise our self-esteem and the easier, lighter, and freer life becomes in all areas. This ease of being in our flow enables us to make the right positive changes in our lives, which increase the positive feelings in all areas of our life.

How I Can Help You!

Through the use of hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP coaching, I can help you to address the issue of low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. The following are just some of the examples of the areas you may need help with:

• Feeling more confident and assertive generally. This may be in your relationships with others; it could be your boss at work, a superior or colleague, or it could be members of your family or a friend. You may find social situations difficult and avoid parties and gatherings.

• Growing your self-esteem and self-belief. Do you find it difficult to recognise your personal strengths? You may not feel confident to make the positive changes you want to in your life.

• Making those positive changes and enjoying new challenges. This could be choosing to study for a new career, or changing your job. Perhaps you would like to move to a new area to live or even live in a different country.

Don’t let low self-esteem or a lack of confidence hold you back. Please contact me and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your situation further. I look forward to hearing from you.

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