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My Personal Past Experience

What I Now Know

How I Can Help You

Stress may be physical, such as in the case of an athlete who has to deal with enormous and persistent physical demands. It could also apply to a construction worker. Stress may be due to a combination of mental and physical pressures. Frequently stress is caused by frustration and feelings of being ‘out of control’ in our life.

Most of us will have suffered from stress at some point in our life, or have witnessed it happening to others. Many people find that stress makes them physically ill, dries up their sense of humour and they become irritable and anxious. Many sufferers of stress and anxiety find that their stomach and bowels become affected, which may eventually lead to more serious illness.

My Personal Past Experience

Currently in my 60s, I have enjoyed a variety of business careers, which involved numerous challenges. Over a period of 21 years I was married and divorced twice. I experienced the birth of my first child in my mid 40s, which was followed by serious illness for a number of years. I now understand stress and anxiety only too well!

I also now understand how to both minimise and manage stress in my life, and I enjoy helping clients to successfully minimise and manage theirs. This is essential as the first step towards maintaining wellness.

What I Now Know

In our lives we seem to be always doing something that we HAVE to or MUST do NOW! Relaxing is something that we can only do whenever we get the time. Relaxing often takes the form of ‘watching the television’. Many of us don’t know HOW to relax. It is essential for our long-term health and wellness that we learn to find time to relax in our everyday life and also that we learn the most effective ways to relax. Once we find this balance in our life we begin to enjoy everything more than we could have ever imagined!

How Can I Help You?

I can help you to learn how to relax. This can be fun, and you may well discover that it leads you on a wonderful journey of mental and physical exploration into unchartered territories of your own resources. You may find yourself growing and becoming more fulfilled as a human being as you discover what a great pleasure it can be to abandon yourself to an inner and outer calmness.

We are all holistic. We are body, mind and something that we may choose to call our spirit; our inner being or guide. One of the less obvious benefits of relaxation is to enable us to discover, enhance and develop our powers of intuition and to help us to identify and learn how to trust that voice within.

As we learn and experience through hypnotherapy how to truly relax, possibly more deeply than we have experienced before, we become mindful of how perfect the ‘now’ is and how important it is to be fully aware of each moment, rather than letting it pass unnoticed as we move on to the next ‘must do’!

Each of my clients is unique, and as such I develop a plan of treatment interventions to suit each client’s specific needs.

I always begin with an initial consultation of approximately two hours where we will both discover more about what creates stress and/or anxiety in your life. I then discuss with you the interventions and treatment plan I suggest. During an initial consultation I aim to use hypnotherapy before the end of the consultation for relaxation and stress reduction. I like to be able to give you a CD to take home to benefit from each day before our next appointment. My aim is always to ensure you get maximum benefit as rapidly as possible!

If you would like to discuss your situation with me before you contact me for an appointment please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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