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My Personal Past Experience

What I Now Know

How I Can Help You


My Personal Past Experience

This is a subject very close to my own heart! After many years of yo-yo dieting and fluctuating between a size 12 and a size 20, I truly understand the various issues associated with weight management and the frustrations that are associated with overeating (at least that was the problem as I used to see it!).

I was never sure why I so often wanted to eat too much food or the wrong food. After enough attempts at various different diets I became not only confused and unsure what the wrong foods were, but also tired of reading so many differing instructions as to what to or not to eat.

My weight loss, if I succeeded in keeping weight off, would only ever last a maximum of two years. Each time I had any sort of significant success I really thought I had “cracked it”. I would then preach to my various overweight friends how to do it right!!

I have lost count of the diets I tried, which started at the ripe old age of about 13. My mother was always on a diet, scooping large spoonfuls of cottage cheese out of the fridge in moments of desperate hunger, becoming stressed whenever she put pounds on, and then denying herself all the foods she liked until the extra pounds had been lost. It seemed she was always either on a diet or being “naughty”.

I was taught from a young age that certain foods were a treat. Many foods were a treat for being good. Ice cream from the best ice cream parlour was a treat for being good at the dentist! Sweets and chocolate were treats for a variety of reasons.

I remember food being a big issue at school; my first convent school insisted that everything on your plate was eaten if you wanted a pudding. Food had to be eaten however much you hated it. So at school, lunchtime became a time of dread and often punishment if your plate wasn’t cleared.

There are many examples I can think of where my relationship to food was not a healthy one from an early age. I’m sure many of you reading this may have experienced similar negative connections to food and weight loss.

What I Now Know

What I now know is the following:

  • Food can be an addiction that cannot be solved by abstinence.
  • Overeating has a physiological component – food causes chemical and hormonal responses, e.g. blood sugar levels.
  • Most of us eat food at some time due to emotional issues, even those who are not overweight!
  • To help someone with weight issues, changes of thoughts, emotions and behaviour on many levels are needed.
  • This is not an individual problem; this is a cultural epidemic!

How I Can Help You

I will help you on all the levels necessary once you have decided to commit to losing your excess weight. I offer a full weight management programme using my effective and powerful ‘toolkit’ as a therapist. I will help you to succeed using the following methods:

  • A full induction using NLP and a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy approach. Through this induction you will learn more about yourself and your relationship with food.
  • Hypnotherapy for stress reduction and confidence building, as required.
  • Hypnotherapy for weight loss and weight management
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique) to enable you to discover and ‘let go’ of your emotional connections to food.
  • Energy therapy exercises that will effectively boost your metabolism.
  • One to one consultations weekly to begin with, gradually spreading out to monthly appointments as and when you are ready.
  • Telephone support if you need it in between appointments.

During our work together I will assist you to improve your relationship with food and guide you as you adjust your behaviour and overcome emotional eating tendencies to manage your weight. I will also introduce you to effective techniques including hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP coaching to help you to gain the motivation you need to make the positive lifestyle changes needed to ensure you succeed in your goal. This is an individual programme tailored to your needs only. I don’t believe there is a ‘one size fits all’ approach to weight management!


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